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Easy implementation – with our no-nightmares guarantee

JobWatch works right out of the box, with a simple and straightforward implementation process. Our no-nightmares guarantee means a painless setup process, so you’ll be ready to go in a matter of days.

A BigChange employee working at a desk

Project Management

A BigChange project manager is assigned to manage your implementation. They will personally guide your business through the transition from paper-based to paperless, ensuring that everything is delivered efficiently and on-time.

A series of reports

Custom Worksheets and Job Cards

We take your paper forms and perfectly replicate them as slick and efficient electronic worksheets. We also set up a job-card for each worksheet, so that a professional and fully-branded PDF is outputted, ready to share with customers.

Optional import service is available

Import Service

We offer a comprehensive import service, taking data from spreadsheets and other systems. This is most commonly done for contacts, sites and stock plus also for fleet and resource management (full details of your mobile workers, drivers, vehicles, equipment and assets).

Employees working together

On-site Training

We deliver a full day of on-site training, working with everyone in your business, from directors and your back-office team through to your mobile workers. It ensures that everyone receives training that is tailored to their role and specific to the way that they will use JobWatch day to day.

The BigChangeApps support team

Ongoing RoadCrew customer service

Once you start using your BigChange system, our RoadCrew customer service is there to assist your back-office and mobile teams 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They can assist with implementation, installations, technical support and training.

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